Development, training, customisation and integration

  • We develop and train ruled-based, statistical or hybrid machine translation systems
  • We customise machine translators for linguistic domains, language variants and for specific uses.
  • We integrate translation memories and machine translation.

Machine translation servers

  • We offer bespoke corporate translation services.
  • We integrate translation services into the client’s working environment.
  • We offer an on demand user service without word quantity restrictions.

Additional functionalities and linguistic tools

  • We develop additional features and tools to complement machine translation.
  • We integrate our translators as a web service through API’s, plugins, etc.

On-going maintenance and bespoke training

  • We offer a maintenance service according to the client’s needs, so that they may benefit from improvements made to our free technologies.
  • We offer à la carte training so that our clients may make optimum use of our translation technologies.