Integra is the range of services through which we offer our clients technological translation solutions which may be integrated into their corporate environments and tailored to their needs.

We specialise in:

Machine Translation

Development, training, customisation and integration

  • We develop and train ruled-based, statistical or hybrid machine translation systems
  • We customise machine translators for linguistic domains, language variants and for specific uses.
  • We integrate translation memories and machine translation.

Machine translation servers

  • We offer bespoke corporate translation services.
  • We integrate translation services into the client's working environment.
  • We offer an on demand user service without word quantity restrictions.

Additional functionalities and linguistic tools

  • We develop additional features and tools to complement machine translation.
  • We integrate our translators as a web service through API's, plugins, etc.

On-going maintenance and bespoke training

  • We offer a maintenance service according to the client's needs, so that they may benefit from improvements made to our free technologies.
  • We offer à la carte training so that our clients may make optimum use of our translation technologies.

Management of Multilingal Contents

Creation of translation memories and glossaries

  • Creation and integration of linguistic resources prior to the translation.
  • Translation memories: automatic generation of TMX memories.
  • Glossaries: automatic extraction of terminology.

Efficient translation of websites and documents

  • 1. We translate automatically by adapting terminology and combining translation memories and machine translation.
  • 2. We undertake reviews/postediting, prioritising the most frequent contents.
  • 3. We feed the translation memory so that each sentence is only translated once.

Integrated solutions as a remote or internal service

  • We develop, integrate and customise our solutions in the client's working environment as a web service or internal installation.
  • We work together with our client's linguistic and IT services to ensure successful integration and content management.

Additional functionalities and postediting sevices

  • We develop additional functionalilities which complement translations within the client's working environment.
  • We also offer postediting, editing and human translation services.

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