Free hybrid translators for unrelated languages

  • An alternative to Apertium (rule-based translator) for unrelated languages.
  • Based on two free machine translation platforms: Apertium and Moses.
  • Linguistic information is used to improve the performance of statistical machine translation.

Customisable, reliable and high quality

  • Acquisition and filtering of semi-automatic corpora.
  • Customisation of vocabulary and frequent expressions.
  • Consistency of terminology, numeric data and punctuation e.g. capital letters.
  • Wide variety of formats supported.
  • More than 18 translators operating in working environments with excellent results.
  • Modular translators which are being continuously improved.

Low-cost hybrid translation servers

  • Training based on public, private and the client’s own corpora.
  • Customisation based on client’s terminology or terminology extracted by us.
  • Ready within 5 days as an on-demand service.