Innova is our permanent R&D line in language technologies. The trust of our clients and our research capacity drives this open research line and enables us to create innovative linguistic tools and applications.

Our most recent innovations are:

Apertium-Moses Hybrid Translators

Free hybrid translators for unrelated languages

  • An alternative to Apertium (rule-based translator) for unrelated languages.
  • Based on two free machine translation platforms: Apertium and Moses.
  • Linguistic information is used to improve the performance of statistical machine translation.

Customisable, reliable and high quality

  • Acquisition and filtering of semi-automatic corpora.
  • Customisation of vocabulary and frequent expressions.
  • Consistency of terminology, numeric data and punctuation e.g. capital letters.
  • Wide variety of formats supported.
  • More than 18 translators operating in working environments with excellent results.
  • Modular translators which are being continuously improved.

Low-cost hybrid translation servers

  • Training based on public, private and the client's own corpora.
  • Customisation based on client's terminology or terminology extracted by us.
  • Ready within 5 days as an on-demand service.

Extractium: Information Extractor and Classifier

Identification of relevant information in any text

  • Fed by dictionaries and rules, customised by language.
  • Available in Spanish, Portuguese and English.
  • Customisable for specific uses and languages.

Uses: tag cloud, catalogues, intelligence

  • Tag clouds for blogs and webs that identify individuals, organisations and places.
  • Automatic data collection for catalogues, databases, etc. from official documents and other sources of information.
  • Filtering and structuring of information for intelligence operations.

Identified categories

  • Names of places and people.
  • Addresses: postal, URL's, e-mails.
  • Numerical expressions: telephone numbers, number plates, IP's.

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