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Thanks to UMH Scientific Park, today we’ve had the chance to have breakfast with some entrepreneurs, SME’s and UMH friends to review how to adopt different strategies to ‘Translate without hassle’ in the current multilingual world.

According to the Common Sense Advisory report ‘Can’t Read, Won’t Buy’, only 87% of English speaking e-customers do NOT purchase products or services that are not in their own language. On the other hand, 3.000 people from more than 9 different countries (including, Spain, Brazil, Turkey or China) were interviewed about their online purchasing habits and 55% of them admitted to buy EXCLUSIVELY from websites with information in their own language. These figures suggest how interesting it might be to ‘invest at least a little bit of time’ in knowing how is it possible to communicate in different languages, regardless the budget that we have or where we are.

For this purpose, the first step that we should take is to try to answer these simple questions: Into which language/s should I translate? Which type of content/s? How often? and When? Once we have defined our own needs, we can choose from different strategies: the ‘DIY – Do It Yourself’ one, the one including technology in the process or the one consisting in working with professional agencies and translators. We can also combine some of them (we expect that, after the session, the lack of an strategy will no more be an option).

Once we get our first document translated, regardless its size, it is important to take into account how valuable it is, as it can help us to keep terminological coherence in future translations, as well as to save a considerable amount of time and money in future translations.

How can I benefit from this value? Using the original document and its translations to generate TOTALLY FREE translation memories (.tmx files), which can recover previously translated segments and reuse them, avoiding both translating and paying twice. Here you can try our Translation Memories generator:

So, take time to define your needs, choose your strategy and … ‘Translate without hassle! :)


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