First Linguistics Olympiad of Spain (OLE) Winners

Today, 27 June 2014 it the First Linguistics Olympiad of Spain (OLE) awards have been announced at the events hall of the Quorum III building of the UMH.

The winners have been:

Champion (by groups):

Javier Maiques FuentesIES Pare Vitòria (Alcoi)
Jorge Garcia CarrascoIES Pare Vitòria (Alcoi)
Raúl López VivoIES Pare Vitòria (Alcoi)
Gracia Lloret CalvoIES Pare Arques (Benilloba)

(Individual) Runner-up:

Eduardo García Padilla Laude Newton College (Elche)

(Individual) champion:

Andrea Briones Fernández IES Antoni Llidó (Xàbia)

The students that will take part of the Spanish team for the International Linguistics Olympiad are those that have remained first, second, third and fourth position in the Linguistic Olympiad of Spain:

Andrea Briones FernándezIES Antoni Llidó (Xàbia)
Eduardo García PadillaLaude Newton College (Elche)
José Mª Coves BeneytoLaude Newton College (Elche)
Alejandro Buyolo AguileraIES Misteri D’Elx (Elche)

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