Apertium and AltLang meet the free CAT tool MateCat

What is MateCat?

MateCat is a free/open-source enterprise-level, online CAT tool designed to make post-editing and outsourcing easy and to provide a complete set of features to manage and monitor translation projects.

And Apertium?

Apertium is a rule-based free/open-source machine translation platform. It was launched more than 10 years ago and since then, Prompsit, along with other individuals, companies and organisations, part of the Apertium community, have been working on developing machine translation systems for a number of language pairs. Prompsit is now proudly offering you an Apertium-based service through MateCat.

And what about AltLang?

Logo AltLang Final
AltLang is an automatic language variety converter that will help you deliver content into different varieties of the same language. It has been developed by Prompsit and it is based on Apertium technologies. It works for language varieties of English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. And Prompsit is bringing it to you through MateCat too.

Get started, use Apertium and AltLang now for free in MateCat!!

At least for 6 months, Apertium and AltLang are offered for free at MateCat. Find out how to use them in the following articles:
Apertium in MateCat
AltLang in MateCat