A project from Prompsit Integra for Autodesk


Autodesk is one of the largest software companies in the world. Based on and driven by the creation of its most well-known software, AutoCAD, Autodesk is today a company with a wide range of diverse products which are being continuously developed. All of their products and the related documentation are published in more than a dozen languages.

Meeting Client s Needs

Among other languages, Autodesk publishes in the Brazilian variant of Portuguese and they explained to Prompsit that they needed to meet the requirements of this market more quickly and at a lower cost through the use of machine translation.

Solutions Adopted

Prompsit proposed the adaptation of the Spanish-Portuguese Apertium language pair for Autodesk's linguistic domain and launched a translation service for their specific text format with the objective of translating only those contents without perfect correlation in the translation memories.

In addition, so as not to disrupt the regular workflow of the translators who normally translated from English into Portuguese, Prompsit designed a specific format to translate internally from Spanish into Portuguese, whilst showing the translator the English-Portuguese correspondence for postediting.

Outcome of the Project

The productivity of the human translators in Brazilian Portuguese doubled, and even tripled, according to the type of content and therefore the desired quality of publication could be achieved more quickly and at a lower cost.

In addition, Autodesk contributed to the improvement of the Apertium Spanish-Portuguese pair through the vocabulary created during adaptation.