A project from Prompsit Innova for Analysiq


Analysiq is a company which specialises in information extraction systems for intelligence and security purposes and which works with several of the world’s major multinational companies. The processing of information in different languages through the use, customisation and development of technologies is one of the components of the portfolio of services which Analysiq offers through a strategic partnership with Prompsit.

Meeting Client s Needs

A well-known multinational oil company enquired about incorporating a multilingual translation service into its information management system.

Solutions Adopted

For the required languages that were already available through Prompsit, we offered an adaptation to the client's domain based on specific corpora. For the pairs of languages that were not yet available, all of them between language pairs which are not closely related, Prompsit established several new translators using Apertium-Moses hybrid technology. In addition, Prompsit developed a terminological management module to be fed in a semi-automatic manner to ensure the coherence and consistency of translations.

Outcome of the Project

As a result, the client has integrated into its information processing system the ability to translate from several languages to its usual working language and to undertake intelligence operation based on this.