Bicrawler: Enrich your TM with multilingual websites

Bicrawler is a free web-based tool that allows you, within a pair of clicks, to retrieve the content of a multilingual website and create a TMX with all the parallel sentences available there. Bicrawler runs different steps to guarantee a reliable output: segments sentences, aligns and parallelizes, cleans and [See more →]

Prompsit 10

[ca] Estem d'enhorabona: hui fem 10 anys de Prompsit! Gràcies a tots els que feu part d'aquesta història.[es] Tal día como hoy, hace 10 años, creamos Prompsit. Tempus fugit... ¡Queremos 10 más![pt] Hoje comemoramos uma década de tecnologias da língua na Prompsit. Lembram do 26 de janeiro de 2006? Nós [See more →]


2015 OLE – 2nd Spain Linguistics Olympiad

Today 3rd of July, the 2015 OLE Award ceremony hasta taken place, together with the presentation and the training of the international team that will represent Spain in the 13th International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria during the 20th and the 24th July.The ceremony has been [See more →]