Our story begins more than ten years ago within the group Transducens at the Department of Software and Computing Systems of the University of Alicante. There, we developed InterNOSTRUM (1999), the first translator of Catalan and Spanish for free use on the Internet. Its excellent quality and speed were the key to the successful use of this translator. Three years later (2002), the group built a translator of similar functional characteristics for Portuguese and Spanish, the Traductor Universia. This translator is still used today by thousands of people on the Universia portal.In 2005, this translation technology was rewritten and released as free software within the Apertium platform. The platform currently offers a wide range of machine translators and linguistic tools. It has a community of developers and users which is in continual expansion. Apertium has become a place where results from research and applications in the industry are brought together.Prompsit was created with the aim of responding to the demand for professional services in the Apertium area, as well as to make use of the know-how of its original developers and promoters. The creation of the company in 2006 was accompanied by the IMPIVA/CEEI Prize for the Most Innovative Project in the competition New Business Ideas of the University Enterprise Foundation (Fundeun).Over the years, we have specialised in the creation of customised machine translation solutions, which has enabled us to continue to develop Apertium in combination with other technologies. In addition, motivated by the needs of our clients, we have worked on the development of other innovative applications for information extraction and sentiment analysis.