Prompsit uses and contributes frequently to open-source language technologies like Apertium, Bitextor, BiCleaner or openNMT to name a few. This model offers competitive advantages to our clients such as:
  • Free software: with no licence cost. Our clients pay only for new developments, customisation, maintenance or complimentary services.
  • High quality: we offer the highest quality through the customisation of our technologies to specific use cases.
  • Customisable: if after testing our technologies you would like us to undertake any improvements or customisation, count on us. Meeting uncovered needs is our speciality.
  • Easy-to-integrate: our solutions are easily integrated into the regular work flow of the companies with which we work. Our newly integrated features will help you to save time.
  • Dynamic: thanks to the collaborative development model permitted by free software, our technologies are constantly being improved. Therefore, the benefits for our clients are unlimited.
  • Robust: our technologies have been in place for a number of years in demanding working environments.