The Prompsit team, its partners and collaborators, are specialised in different areas of knowledge, which merge in the field of linguistic engineering using an interdisciplinary approach. We've had in the team people that we consider part of what are: Carme Armentano i Oller, Jesús Mateo Gonzálvez, Francis M. Tyers, Mireia Ginestí Rosell, Susana Tudela, Boyan Ivanov Bonev, Víctor Verdú Franco, Santiago Cortés Vaíllo, Cristina Guillem, Elena Hernández, Alicia Nieva y Raphaël RubinoIn addition, we have several strategic partners with whom we collaborate to carry out some of the company's key activities, e.g. Transducens, the research group from which Prompsit originates or Apertium and its community of developers. Many other people advise us, inspire us, collaborate and work closely with us. We learn from all of them and with all of them we enjoy sharing our day to day work.The team at Prompsit is made up of: