Prompsit, a company founded by the creators of Apertium

Our story begins more than ten years ago within the group Transducens at the Department of Software and Computing Systems of the University of Alicante. There, we developed InterNOSTRUM (1999), the first translator of Catalan and Spanish for free use on the Internet. Its excellent quality and speed were the key to the successful use of this translator. Three years later (2002), the group built a translator of similar functional characteristics for Portuguese and Spanish, the Traductor Universia. This translator is still used today by thousands of people on the Universia portal.

In 2005, this translation technology was rewritten and released as free software within the Apertium platform. The platform currently offers a wide range of machine translators and linguistic tools. It has a community of developers and users which is in continual expansion. Apertium has become a place where results from research and applications in the industry are brought together.

Prompsit was created with the aim of responding to the demand for professional services in the Apertium area, as well as to make use of the know-how of its original developers and promoters. The creation of the company in 2006 was accompanied by the IMPIVA/CEEI Prize for the Most Innovative Project in the competition New Business Ideas of the University Enterprise Foundation (Fundeun).

Over the years, we have specialised in the creation of customised machine translation solutions, which has enabled us to continue to develop Apertium in combination with other technologies. In addition, motivated by the needs of our clients, we have worked on the development of other innovative applications for information extraction and sentiment analysis.


Un equipo en red

The Prompsit team, its partners and collaborators, are specialised in different areas of knowledge, which merge in the field of linguistic engineering using an interdisciplinary approach. We’ve had in the team people that we consider part of what are: Carme Armentano i Oller, Jesús Mateo Gonzálvez, Francis M. Tyers, Mireia Ginestí Rosell, Susana Tudela, Boyan Ivanov Bonev, Víctor Verdú Franco, Santiago Cortés Vaíllo, Cristina Guillem, Elena Hernández, Alicia Nieva y Raphaël Rubino

In addition, we have several strategic partners with whom we collaborate to carry out some of the company’s key activities, e.g. Transducens, the research group from which Prompsit originates or Apertium and its community of developers. Many other people advise us, inspire us, collaborate and work closely with us. We learn from all of them and with all of them we enjoy sharing our day to day work.

The team at Prompsit is made up of:

Gema Ramírez Sánchez

CEO. Founding Partner. Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpreting. Master's Degree in Software Engineering Applications. More than 14 years developing technologies for translation and 10 at the head of Prompsit. She will help you to understand how this sophisticated technology may be of use in your business.

Miriam Antunes Gonçalves

CFO. Founding Partner. Bachelor's degree in Phonoaudiology. Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. More than 10 years working in the development of translation technologies. She ensures that our administrative, legal, financial and employment affairs are in perfect order.

Sergio Ortiz Rojas

CTO. Founding Partner. Software Engineer. Master's Degree in Software Engineering Applications. More than 15 years developing linguistic technologies. If there is a solution to a technical necessity in the language field, Sergio will find it and let you know. If it does not yet exist, he will design and develop it, together with the rest of the technical team and adapt it to your needs.

Mikel L. Forcada

CRO. Founding Partner. Professor of Software and Computing Systems. PhD in Chemistry. Secretary of the EAMT and President of SaLTMiL. He is the link between the Transducens group of Alicante University and Prompsit and fosters the knowledge and technology transfer for later application in the industry.

Encarnación Gómez Alcaraz

Language technologies developer. Software Engineer. Master's Degree in Software Engineering Applications. Her experience covers a wide range of skills in machine translation, quality assessment tool, corpora processing, web development, user applications, etc.

Juan Antonio Pérez Ortiz

Founding Partner. PhD in Software Engineering. More than 10 years of research in the natural language processing area. Expert on web technologies and cloud computing. Director of the Transducens research group at the University of Alicante. He advises Prompsit on topical issues and new trends in language technologies. He collaborates in R&D activities as well as in the recruitment of new talent.

Víctor M. Sánchez Cartagena

Specialist in language technologies. PhD in Software Engineering. Developer and researcher in the field of hybrid machine translation for languages with scarce resources. Specialist in resolution of complex problems related with the processing of multilingual corpora. Specialist in compilation and cleaning of corpora.

Felipe Sánchez Martínez

Founding Partner. PhD in Computing Engineering. More than 10 years researching machine translation and tools for translation. He advises and collaborates with Prompsit in R&D activities, mainly related to the area of machine translation.

Rafael C. Carrasco

Founding Partner. Professor of Software and Computing Systems. PhD in Physics, PhD in Software Engineering and specialist in artificial intelligence and digital libraries. Deputy Director of Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes. He participates in the fostering knowledge and in the transfer of technology between the University of Alicante and Prompsit.

Susana Santos Antón

Founding Partner. Software Engineer. Her experience as a researcher in the Transducens group and her interaction with the team that would make up the shareholders of Prompsit, led her to back the company from the outset.

Marta Bañón Guillén

Language technologies developer. Engineer in Computer Science and in Automation and Electronics. She works in the full-stack development of company's applications, as well as in research and development tasks related to European projects.


Free, customised, high quality technologies

Prompsit uses and contributes frequently to open-source language technologies like Apertium, Bitextor, BiCleaner or openNMT to name a few. This model offers competitive advantages to our clients such as:

  • Free software: with no licence cost. Our clients pay only for new developments, customisation, maintenance or complimentary services.
  • High quality: we offer the highest quality through the customisation of our technologies to specific use cases.
  • Customisable: if after testing our technologies you would like us to undertake any improvements or customisation, count on us. Meeting uncovered needs is our speciality.
  • Easy-to-integrate: our solutions are easily integrated into the regular work flow of the companies with which we work. Our newly integrated features will help you to save time.
  • Dynamic: thanks to the collaborative development model permitted by free software, our technologies are constantly being improved. Therefore, the benefits for our clients are unlimited.
  • Robust: our technologies have been in place for a number of years in demanding working environments.